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The Russian courts last Friday proved they’re in cahoots with the secretive oligarchs and billionaire business merchants by rejecting a libel suit filed by Yevgeny Dzhugashvili, the grandson of great leader Josef Stalin.

Indian Express said:

Stalin’s grandson Yevgeny Dzhugashvili demanded 11 million roubles in compensation for the comment made by journalist Nikolai Svanidze on a show aired last year on liberal Ekho Moskvy (Moscow Echo) radio station.

The journalist on May 21, 2010, show said Stalin “strangled small children,” but later pointed out he was speaking metaphorically.

Svanidze has long had a chip on his shoulder about Stalin and the Bolsheviks. Boris Yeltsin, the drunken destroyer of the united soviet socialist nations, made him chairman of  the All-Russia State Television and Radio Company from 1997 – 1998 where he admitted he was personally responsible for perpetuating myths about The Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

Stalin once said:

What would happen if capital succeeded in smashing the Republic of Soviets? There would set in an era of the blackest reaction in all the capitalist and colonial countries, the working class and the oppressed peoples would be seized by the throat, the positions of international communism would be lost.

Capitalist corruption, seizing the workers by their throats, is Svanidze’s meat and drink, and he continues to benefit from the high court’s anti-Communist propaganda.

 This isn’t the first time that Dzhugashvili has defended his Grandfather’s name – In September 2009 he sued Novaya Gazeta, a Russian newspaper, after it had published unsubstantiable claims that Stalin personally signed execution orders against civilians.

Dzhugashvili is a hero to Stalinism and Communism in Russia. He was included in the Stalin Bloc – a coalition of communist political parties in Russia running together for the 1999 elections of State Duma. The Bloc obtained 0.61% and 404.274 votes in the 1999 Duma Election.

According to Mikhail Pozdnyaev and Novye Izvestiaas, as of 2008, nearly half of Russians view Stalin positively, and many support restoration of his monuments dismantled in the past.

The Courts are against the people, at the beck and call of corrupt capitalists, and against Stalin at his most popular.


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