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According to Peter Thompson:

Marx’s USP was that his and Engels’ approach to understanding history was the first to be based on truly scientific socioeconomic analysis […] They argued that the theories of their rivals, the utopian communists and anarchists as well as the Hegelians and liberals, were based in idealist moral abstractions which dealt in notions of freedom, justice, fairness and equality in what they called the political superstructure of society, while theirs were based on an objective and scientific understanding of the real but largely invisible forces at work in the socioeconomic base.

On the National Question, and a Jewish language, Stalin once said of O. Bauer:

Bauer wanted to prove that “language is the most important instrument of human intercourse,” but at the same time he inadvertently proved something he did not mean to prove, namely, the unsoundness of his own theory of nations, which denies the significance of a common language.

Thus this theory, stitched together by idealistic threads, refutes itself.

What is unique to Marxism is the unremitting belief in a superstructure of society, which in turn is reinforced by a centralised state power.

Stalin, too, believed in such power – albeit modestly (he once said: “I trust no one, not even myself”) – as part of the pursuit of common language, as opposed to the whimsy of idealism opposed so much in Marxism, and adored so by such traitors as Bauer.

The state, acting as a coercive force, also must ensure traitors are kept at arms length from the levers of power. Stalin once said:

Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas.

the State is an instution that exists to allow the corporate classes thrive- and the liberal left’s policies, while claiming to work towards a more fair and free society, are merely tinkering within the permitted parameters of the status quo.

We Stalinists should remind them state is an insitution which binds common language, scorns mere idealism, and removes the tyranny of the enemy.

So when the topic of the day is Libya, AV, or Marxist-Leninism and the Irish question, we cannot forget the original question, and its answer: do we need a state today? Yes.

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